Sexting between Teenagers Interview with Univision

I was interviewed by a producer from Univision Network this past Wednesday on the topic of “sexting” between teenagers. Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photographs, primarily between mobile phones. According to the producer from Univision, the interview was going to air on the nationally televised Univision show “Aqui y Ahora”, and possibly ABC.  The interview took place in my former office in Miami (Coconut Grove), Florida.

Academic Underachievement

Some of the factors causing academic underachievement are student lack of interest, parental lack of interest, lack of encouragement for intellectual pursuits, a value system at odds with that of the social environment, physical and mental disabilities, cognitive impairment and lack of educational support in the school environment.

Some research has been conducted on the efficacy of counseling-based intervention programs for academic underachievers. It is believed that with a combination of counseling and educational support, many underachieving students can excel. The behavior and motivation of students can improve, so that ultimately they perform well in the school environment. Through this approach, students have been able to unlearn bad behaviors and make positive goal-oriented decisions. Contact me today if you are looking for counseling in Miami for your academically underachieving child. I want to help.

Anger Management Counseling

Anger management is all about controlling your reactions to the events and people that are causing your fury. Some people feel more intense anger than others. Sometimes reactions are physical while other times they take the form of sulky withdrawal.

If you feel that your angry behavior is uncontrollable and ruining your life, it might be time to [Read more…]

Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD) Therapy

Those that suffer from OCD often have thoughts that seem out of their control that last a long time, and are very strong. The anxiety they feel seems overwhelming and the sufferer goes out of their way to do certain things over and over again. These rituals begin to overtake them and often times rule their lives.

OCD is often effectively treated with a combination of therapy, medication and behavior modification as well as psychotherapy. Depending on the severity and the sufferer, the combination used to treat the condition will vary. I want to give you counseling if you have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

Terapia Niño o Adolescentes

Lo sé: usted es padre y quiere lo mejor para su hijo. Es por eso que es tan importante encontrar a alguien calificado que le brinde a su hijo la guía y la terapia que necesite cuando las necesite, ya sea porque el niño esté atravesando el divorcio de sus padres, la pérdida de un ser querido u otro evento no previsto que lo pueda afectar negativamente. La persona debe tener experiencia. La persona debe contar con la educación y las credenciales adecuadas. Tal vez de aun más importancia, quien quiera que elija debe ser alguien con quien su hijo se sienta cómodo para hablar. Por eso, si su hijo necesita de terapia o guía, escoger a la terapeuta indicada no debería de ser una decisión fácil de tomar. Debe ser una decisión bien pensada. Usted debe tener en cuenta varios factores, incluyendo:

  • Credenciales–  ¿Está registrada para ejercer en esta área? Estos son factores importantes que debe considerar [Read more…]